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  • Published on Jul 04, 2018
    Simple Tips to Improve Gas Mileage
    When you take your RV out, you may cringe every time you have to pull in for gas. It costs a lot to fill a vehicle that big!  Even with gas prices going down, it still hurts to think about the money you’re putting in the gas tank.  There are some simple things you can do to get the most out of each tank of gas though!  Here are two simple tips to help you save put a few bucks back in your pocket.
    1. Lighten the Load

    While RVs make packing everything you might need on your trip possible, hauling all those heavy items really hurts your MPG.  Before your next trip, take some time to go through the cupboards and storage spaces in your RV.  Is everything you’re packing a necessity?
    Take out those extra items and see how carrying less affects and improves your MPG.
    If you’re headed someone near civilization, consider purchasing all your food and drinks, filling water tanks, etc. once you get there.  Driving without the weight of all the provisions you usually bring could make your MPG jump up big time.

    2. Reign in the Lead Foot
    A very simple MPG fix is to take your foot off the pedals!  Gas mileage takes a hit when you drive at uneven speeds, or you brake too often.  You’re expending energy by speeding up and wasting it every time you have to slow back down.  This all requires gas.  By using the cruise control, you’ll save your gas.  It takes less energy to maintain speed which means you’re using less gas.  Makes sense, right?  Also if you can, keep your speed to under 60 MPH.  For every five miles you go over this 60 MPH guideline, it’s like adding 10 cents a gallon at the pump.  Slow down, maintain your speed, and you’ll see a great improvement in you MPG.
    These two tips cost nothing to attempt to save some gas on your next RV trip.  There are lots of other ways to increase your MPG but before spending the money on equipment, or maintenance you may not need yet, try these tips and see how much your gas mileage improves!
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