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  • We all love a good roadside attraction. Some of them are unique and relevant to the location yet some of them leave you scratching your head as to the reason for their existence.  Smallest Bar – Key West Key West is a great time to relax and enjoy a tropical vacation. As y ...
  • The Reverse Snowbird

    Published on Jul 29, 2019
    The Reverse Snowbird
    To have the most comfortable Hot Weather Vacation you have to adjust for the heat. Here’s a few Hot Weather RV Tips. Test your AC Unit before Hitting the Road Let’s face it, a bouncing house on wheels can have an effect on things. Make sure you do a little Yamping (yard c ...
  • What Exactly Is Workamping?

    Published on Jun 29, 2019
    What Exactly Is Workamping?
    What is Workamping? The term was coined in 1987 by Workamper News to describe anyone who works, volunteers, or runs a business while on the road camping in a tent or RV. Some would question why in the world someone would want to take a relaxing escape like camping and mix it with the one t ...
  • Instagram for Rvers

    Published on Sep 27, 2018
    While traveling, keeping your friends and family updated about the adventures you have, and the places you explore, has never been easier!  With sites like Facebook, you can quickly and easily update the people in your life about what you’re doing.  For a visual app that focuses on s ...
  • Simple Tips to Improve Gas Mileage

    Published on Jul 04, 2018
    When you take your RV out, you may cringe every time you have to pull in for gas. It costs a lot to fill a vehicle that big!  Even with gas prices going down, it still hurts to think about the money you’re putting in the gas tank.  There are some simple things you can d ...
  • How to Hike – The Basics

    Published on May 25, 2018
    As an RVer you are going to travel to some incredible landscapes.  Some of the world’s greatest natural gems are only accessible once you park the RV and head out hiking! A common misconception about hiking, is that it’s just walking through nature. Don’t get me wrong, it ...
  • 6 State Parks that RVers Love

    Published on May 25, 2018
    Looking for some inspiration for your next RV adventure? Well luckily you clicked this link! It’s sometimes easy to forget how vast the U.S. actually is.  The U.S. is incredibly diverse, with natural beauties ranging from beaches to forests and everything in-between. Huntington Stat ...
  • RVing and Football: Tips for the Perfect RV Tailgate
    There’s no question that football and tailgating go hand in hand.  The real question is, how do you make your tailgate party the one everyone will be talking about.  Here are some quick tips on how to have the perfect RV tailgate. There are 5 essential things you need to make ...
  • Arboretums & Botanical Gardens in Alabama

    Published on Jul 31, 2017
    Arboretums & Botanical Gardens in Alabama
    In case you are traveling through Alabama or simply want to get out for a day trip, we have compiled a list of the botanical gardens and arboretums around Alabama just for you! When visiting these sites you can watch and listen to birds, see beautiful butterflies, plant life and more. You can also l ...
  • KOA Campgrounds in Alabama

    Published on Jul 13, 2017
    B&R Campers is proud to be a part of the Route 66 RV Network. As such, we are able to offer our customers various programs through Route 66 to help ensure your travels are as successful as possible! If you are a Route 66 RV Club Member you get a 10% discount at all KOA Campgrounds. You must show ...

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