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  • Published on Dec 29, 2020
    Seven Reasons to RV to the fair

    Seven Reasons to RV to the fair 











    1. Fair Food 

    The food at the fair is one of the best things about the fair. You can find fried anything: cheese curds, twinkies, pickles, and even fried alligator meat! 


    2. Bathrooms 

    After all that fried food, you may have to use the Porta-potty, that’s no fun. That’s why RVing to the fair offers the convenience of using your bathroom.  
    You could even turn it into a business in charge of people waiting in line for the Porta-potty to use your bathroom -just kidding! 



    3. Hang out with Family and Friends 

    Fairs are places that family and friends come together. Hang out, play the games, ride all of the rides, eat all of the food, explore, and enjoy each other’s’ company. 




    4. Concerts

    Fairs often host quality concerts. Whether you’re looking to rock out or kick back and listen to some country, you should be able to find a concert that matches your interest. 




    5. Tractor Pull 

    Tractor pulls are a blast. You get to watch both stock and souped-up tractors rip across the field to see who has the most pull. Make sure you get there early because you’re going to want front row seats for this exciting event. 



    6. Shopping 

    Shopping at the fair is an excellent way to get some new arts and crafts for your home and RV. Check out all the stands, as you’ll often find some pretty fantastic stuff. 



    7. The Races 

    Fairs wouldn’t be the same without races. If you visit a 

    County fair, often you’ll find some cool dirt track racing with cars, motocross, four-wheelers, or even snowmobiles.




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